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Specialists in Plastics & Fiberglass Parts
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Applied Plastic Services is a certified minority owned and managed, service oriented company comprised of personnel experienced in the thermoplastic (plastic) and thermoset (fiberglass) fields.  We are a company committed to excellence in craftsmanship with an emphasis on problem solving and prompt response to customer problems.  We are available around-the-clock. We are conveniently located in Bolton, North Carolina, and serve the entire state.


CR-4 Tank-Plastics, Fiberglass, and Fabrication Services Large Fiberglass Storage Tank on Truck - Plastics, Fiberglass, and Fabrication Services Fiberglass Storage Tanks - Plastics, Fiberglass, and Fabrication Services

Our Services Include:

  • Custom Fiberglass Fabrication & Repairs
  • Custom Plastic Fabrication & Repairs
  • Vacuum Forming Plastic Parts
  • Used Tank Sales & Rentals
  • Tank Inspections, Linings, & Repairs
  • Floor Coating Installation, Repairs, & Maintenance

Company Profile
We specialize in design, fabrication, installation, modification, and repair of custom thermoplastic and thermoset parts for industrial processes. Our services are directed primarily toward containment for corrosive materials via tanks, pits, sumps, floor coatings, and trenches. We also provide piping systems and other process- oriented parts for industrial and commercial business. Our ability to provide the customer with a complete "TURN KEY" job has proven to be our most valuable characteristic. Applied Plastic Services can also provide temporary storage tanks. We are well equipped for moving, relocating and setup of tanks and/or process equipment. We can also arrange for your long-term storage needs with our flexible tank lease program.

Contact us today, or call (910) 655-4357 about your specific applications and let our staff assist with everything from design to construction to installation and maintenance!

Hours of Operation:
7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

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Applied Plastic Services
5932 Old Lake Road
Bolton, NC 28423-8914
Phone: (910) 655-4357
Fax: (910) 655-2140